We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

21 August 2006

Bungalow memories

When I lived in Chicago it would've been easy to visit the neighborhood I grew up in --though I chose to live on the opposite side of the city and didn't visit much. I did find myself living there breifly again for a few years as an adult, in my uncle's house, which was also my mother's house until she got married. She then had to get her own house, the one I grew up in- and I think she was shortchanged.

I loved my uncle's house, a classic Chicago Bungalow with original woodwork, glass doorknobs, art deco lighting and stained glass windows. I frequently dream of this house -which I did last night, its always vivid with every nuance of the place etched in my brain. It was haunted too -or inhabited by the old folks, the long dead grandparents. They were the original, or next to original owners of the 1929 house. Even though I believe in reincarnation, I still believe in ghosts. They used to like to leave the basement door open, maybe because it particularly freaked me out. The bathroom too, was a favourite haunt and cause for claustrophobia.

I often wonder who lives there now and are the old folks still hanging around now that I'm gone? This was our family home.. my uncle lived in that house for some 60 years, he grew up and died there. I spent 18 years in my mother's house, the longest I've lived anywhere. I'm fascinated by people who never leave the place they were born in.. and I know that's probably more the norm than my life. Sometimes I wish we could've kept the house in the family, but Chicago was only one part of my destiny in this life and I can't regret following my heart.

The dream though prompted me to dig up some old photos.. these are the bungalow circa 1937, and the classic bungalow street.. note the cars!!

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