We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

07 October 2006

Silence and the laws of attraction

I've been reading and thinking about the power of our minds to manifest what we desire for ourselves. Sometimes opposites attract, but in life, we tend more toward like attracts like. We really don't want something too completely opposite to what we believe, feel, or think, in our lives. And that is part of the metaphysical Universal Law of Attraction, that like will attract like. If you put out positive energy, then you will receive positive energy, and the same for negative. The universe is like a great big mirror, reflecting back to you, showing you what you want to see. Its also the law of Karma, the simplified version being, 'what comes around, goes around'. Of course bad things happen to seemingly good people, and that's also karma, and harder to understand and come to terms with.

I had a friend who used to say "once you say something, you make it real". She used this phrase- as a warning mainly, when she was about to be told something she didn't want to hear. But the phrase is not without wisdom.

It is true that to verbalise something is to put it out there into the atmosphere, much more forcefully then in thought alone. Talking takes alot of energy. Since we are talking most of the time, we probably don't realise this. But if you take some time to be silent, as in a retreat, you will find not only how difficult it can be to be silent, but also how much lost energy you regain. There are some people though, who gain energy by talking, by stealing energy, and that's part of why it can be so exhausting sometimes having a conversation.

Several years ago I did a week long silent retreat in my apartment. I turned off the phone, and didn't go out for a week. After it was over and I spoke my first words, I immediately realised just how much energy it takes to speak, to actually feel the words leaving my mouth, the energy leaving my body. This is why the Buddha taught to guard your thoughts and choose your words with care, because so much energy is contained within them. Thus the phrase sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me, is simply not true.

When we are enthusiastic about something, like a new job prospect or house, its very hard to keep it to ourselves -we want to tell the world. The same goes for secrets -for some people - its hard not to tell. But this 'telling' deflates our own energy and power to manifest our desire. As does telling anyone a 'secret' really. It weakens our power of attraction. This is partly because our energy goes toward focusing on the reactions of those we tell, and then those reactions can influence our beliefs. For instance, if someone reacts negatively or doubtfully to your grand idea, you will become slightly deflated. Once you have used your personal power and energy to create what you desire, then you can discuss how you got there, without giving away your energy or personal power of manifestation. I don't think this should mean you can never ask for advice. I think rather, you have to first discern for yourself what it is that you really want, and this is best done in silent reflection, to allow the answers to come from within.

I just read somewhere recently that this law of attraction is illustrated simply when you think of 'getting something off your chest', you tell your troubles to someone, to lessen their impact, to let them go. The reverse then is true when manifesting your dreams. You scatter your energy too much, when you tell others too much of what you have planned. Its better to maintain a silent connection with your subconscious, higher self, god, universe what ever you want to call it, and focus on your goal. Then, when you reach it, the joy can be shared.

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Aldian Prakoso said...

Wow, you did a week long retreat silent! It's amazing. I wanted to learn and do similar thing... intensive meditation training for a week where I'm not allowed to speak, read and write. But I backed out at the last days...

So instead I exercise visualization myself almost daily.