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15 December 2006

on Dr. Masaru Emoto and water

Just when I was going to sit down and watch the film (what the bleep) again, my husband's run off with it to a friends house! But as I sat thinking about it, I recalled reading about the water experiment that's mentioned in the film, in an unlikely place (a mini-magazine for Dr. Haushka skincare). Of course I can't find it now, so I decided to look on the internet.
Masaru Emoto is the Japanese researcher who published a book "The messege from water" based on his truly ground-breaking discoveries. This site has alot of info to digest as well as some of the beautiful photographs of the transformed water:

I have always felt that water has the highest vibration on the planet, and truly it is the most powerful force. When we consider that our bodies are made up of mostly water, as is the earth, then these findings are not so shocking. And yet, what a way to think, how brilliant and creative and what can we learn about our own thoughts and bodies?

I am going to conduct my own experiment with labelling a glass of water with something positive and then water some plants that are struggling a bit. This is mentioned on the website listed above, but as of yet has not been scientifically tested. Anecdotal evidence suggests it works, so we'll see.

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