We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

05 February 2007

27 Things

It was gloriously sunny this weekend, and although not that warm, spring was in the air. I frequently walk through our village graveyard, for some reason I am drawn to it and don't find it depressing, but rather grounding and peaceful. Its very much older than any 'cemetery' in America that I've been to and you can't drive through it. Its not at all flat, but very meandering. Its also not wide open and set apart from anything else. Its sheltered by thick beech trees, tall elegant pines, old wide holly bushes, and nestled within the surrounds of its village. When I'm walking slowly and meditatively, I also see something new each time.

The daffodils are coming up already, very early, and two flocks of geese passed over today. This weekend I also re-arranged, cleaned and cleared out the house. Despite the small size, there were still things to give away and throw out in preparation for spring. The cleaning and clearing was spurred on by feng shui. If you are in a rut, or just feel that your life needs a bit of a jump start, then (according to feng shui principles) move 27 things in your home that you haven't moved in the past year. At first I couldn't think of 27 things that I hadn't touched all year, I mean our home is small.. but once I got started, I was amazed how much doesn't move or get looked at, even in a small place.

Surprisingly I have felt very content over the past month, and this rearrangement seems to have breathed new life into my home. I'm no longer anxious to move, but can appreciate this small abode and its surroundings even more. What's even better is that I know the 'right' place will come along at the right time and until then I can happily live with what I've got. Knowing that spring is on its way, and the 27 things moving about, I'm sure idea seeds will start to bloom and life is going to pick up speed.

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