We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

23 June 2007

Markets in Halifax

I was perusing the second hand
outdoor market
yesterday in Halifax, which is held inside the large courtyard
of the Piece Hall. I have to say it seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Piece Hall, so named because when it opened in 1779, was used as a place for handloom weavers to sell their pieces of cloth. Now it is a two storey complex with a variety of unusual shops and cafes.

I went looking for cushions and covers for my 'new' sofa, but there was nothing. The Todmorden second hand market [at the opposite end of the valley] is much, much better and I shall have to make my way there later next week.

However, Halifax has a new slighlty upscale covered mall, which is not quite finished yet. It looks very promising from the outside which is why I decided to check it out, and yet it seemed rather empty inside.. perhaps its just not close enough to completion (was scheduled be done in early June). There was a variety of cafes, a couple of shoe stores, a barber shop, and an art gallery, with many more spaces waiting to be occupied. The covered part seems a bit pointless (except as expensive rain cover I suppose) as most of the shops/cafes consist of being indoors. Perhaps some outdoor seating and stalls will be added later on.

I wasn't feeling very upscale myself, struggling with the push-chair manoevering between the lunchtime working crowd, and nearly every shop seemed to have one to three steps up to get in (also not very wheelchair friendly). I decided on a mozarella, tomato and pesto sandwich with a mocha at Deli*cious Cafe. I tried to get in as gracefully as possible, with said pushchair (not encouraging), but the prices were reasonable and the mocha was really good. I will be happy when the little one no longer requires her little limo as getting around will be a whole lot easier.. but then there's the grabby hands..

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