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18 June 2007

[more] Handmade in England

Continuing on from last week, I realised there were a few more local companies that I love, which I missed out mentioning. Akamuti [little tree from the African Bemba language] is a four year old, Wales based, family-run company that makes gorgeous organic products for skin, hair, and babies. They also sell herbs and source organic and fairly traded ingredients. This Murmuru Butter is something I have not seen anywhere before, and is Brazilian tree butter for damaged hair.

Pai Organic has a small line (moisturizers, eye cream, & lipcream) of pure handmade products created by Sarah Brown, a New Zealand transplant. Pai is the Maori word for goodness, and the products are good enough to eat!

Lush skincare and cosmetics is an old favourite from my Edinburgh days, lured in by the overwhelmingly sweet scent emanating from the Princes Street shop. I haven't used any for a long time, but the Angels with Bare Faces was really good and simple. The range has expanded dramatically and is more 'perfumey' than the other products I've mentioned. They do a lovely vegan line, and all products are animal friendly. Products with fun names like Karma Bubble Ball, Waving not Drowning, and the prices are cheap!

And then there's Brighton-based
Raw Gaia, which I mentioned previously with the raw cacao moisturiser, which has a wonderful subtle chocolate scent. It melts into your skin and then seems to disappear, leaving the skin very soft. Raw Gaia is unique from all the others mentioned in that they use only 100% organic, living and vegan ingredients such as cold-pressed butters and oils as well as high-grade essential oils. The products are 'raw' meaning they haven't been cooked/process in temperatures over 40°C. The moisturiser has MSM in it, which is a nutritional form of sulphur which is good for the skin.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this as I am always on the hunt for natural products.
Have you heard of http://www.anitagrant.com ?

Her skin & hair care products are 100% natural.

I must warn you, don't go to her site on an empty belly. Her products are absolutely delish.



Mary said...

I have now checked out Anita Grant's site, and wow, fabulous!! Thanks for the tip Linda! and thanks for reading!!

Michelle said...


Thanks for highlighting Sarah Brown's wonderful Pai Skincare range.

I use it myself and buy it for as many people as I can because it's preservative and chemical free, unlike a lot of so-called 'natural' cosmetics.

It's a very ethical business and she is a an inspirational person. We need more Sarah's now that Anita Roddick is no longer with us.

I'm a mum of 2 too and love the Jonas Salk 'Roots and Wings' quote ;-)