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06 August 2007

A weekend in Manchester part 1

Our journey into Manchester this weekend was to MOSI, the museum of Science and Industry to see the special Doctor Who exhibit.

We arrived early enough, it wasn't crowded yet, making photo taking and kid control alot easier. The streets were eerily quiet as well, except for the booming bass coming from the park nearby, which added a sense of energy and excitement to being in the city. There was a music festival getting started but we didn't go, as it was far too loud for the kids ears, and there was just too much going on, but fun listening from a few blocks away.

The museum is located in the Castlefield area which is part of a regeneration project, with many sustainable and innovative building designs going on. The area is near the canal and had we not had so many little legs with us, I would have liked to explore the area more.

But back to the museum.. It was also Transport Weekend, and a few participants were arriving as we did.

The museum is free with the exception of special exhibits, like Doctor Who. At £5.00 a ticket for a family it wasn't outrageous, but the exhibit was disappointingly small. Nevertheless, the kids loved it, especially getting inside the dalek with the voice changer. The restaurant and gift shop was overpriced as usual.

I have so many pics from inside the exhibit, so they will appear this week in other posts. Daleks, Cyberman, Slitheen, Clockwork men, oh my...

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