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30 November 2007

Ed Psych

Yesterday's meeting the educational psychologists went much better than expected. My son's teacher could not make it as she has been ill much of the week, but his teacher from last year (who is also asst. head) came in her place. I thought we were meeting with a group of people, but actually it was just two psychologists and the teacher so it was very informal. After a lenghty discussion and completion of an 80 question diagnostic it is the general consensus that my son has ADHD and should now obtain a referral to a specialist.

It was also suggested though that we go back to our GP and ask for a separate referral to a specialist for Tourette's syndrome. They did not think, for various reasons, that he has Asperger's, mainly because he is highly creative and also has a sense of humour (doesn't take everything literally as most asperger people do). Several other issues though stand out as Tourette's which is equally troubling to me, as it is not really well understood in general society.

So it all seems very roundabout, as we now have to wait for two separate referrals before actually seeing a specialist to find out what our options are. Also, any assistance in school will not come until a formal diagnosis is made, as I understand, which could take months. But as the teacher said, at least they have some understanding of what is going on and can better adjust thier teaching around him in that way. Although I don't know if that's going to make much difference in my son's eyes as I just learned that he is now sitting at a table by himself due to his constant motion and flailing arms etc. His teacher from last year said she noticed he seems to be a lot lonlier on the playground than last year, and we have noticed that he hasn't received any birthday party invites this year, as he did last year. This is very sad for me, and I can only imagine how misunderstood he must be feeling. In fact that was one of the questions on the diagnostic, 'has your child stopped being invited to friends houses/parties/play etc?'


andrea said...

The psych is exhibiting some of that literal-mindedness of their own! Asperger's kids don't "always" take things literally or "never" have a sense of humor or "never" make eye contact" et cetera.

TS and ADHD tend to "go together", just like AS and ADHD, and certainly one could have all three.

(I'm a slightly ticcy aspie mum with ADHD of a no-longer ticcy aspie kid, and work similar students.)

Mary said...

Andrea - I agree with you and my husband does as well.. they almost categorically denied the possibility of Asperger's (which surprised us considering it is in the family already), and while we'd be happy if that's not an issue, we are going to bring it up with the GP for our Tourette's referral. From what I've been reading, none of these things are really black and white and I'm trying to keep an open mind. Thanks for your comment!

uphilldowndale said...

Hope you find the support you need soon.

mommy~dearest said...

Hi there! My son was diagnosed 3 years ago with ASD. This year, he saw a neurologist who diagnosed him with Tourettes. He thinks Jaysen may not even have Autism at all. I am still researching, but apparently, they do overlap in areas.

The positive thing the neurologist told me about Tourettes, is that there is a possibly that the child will "grow out of it".

In my heart though, I'm leaning toward Autism. He just fits so neatly on the spectrum that it's difficult to accept otherwise.

Ettina said...

The idea that autistics lack creativity is a myth.
See my blog post about that:

Mary said...

Thank you ettina for your comment and I am reading your blog!

Mommy-dearest, My husband suffered with ticks as a child, and was never diagnosed with anything.. just like his uncle with asperger's, it just wasn't done I guess like it is now.. but he did grow out of them, or learn to control them. My son's main grimace is fading already, but excessive blinking has begun!