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05 December 2007

Back to the doctor..

Its back to the doctor today, this time a different one within the practice, who hopefully will have more knowledge about where to refer my son. This is for Tourette's and Asperger's. We talked alot about this, my husband and I, and know in our hearts that its not just ADHD, in fact, that's probably more on the mild side. What it really seems to be is Tourettes and Asperger's, but in any case we've accepted that our son is definitely somewhere on the autism spectrum. I seem to have already passed through the grieving stage.. I'm sure there's more to come, passing in waves, but right now I'm just ready to get on with it.. whatever it is.

A letter from school came home yesterday addressed to all parents concerning a board of governors meeting about my son's class, which is partcularly troubled ('worst in the school' as we were so confidently told). It said a letter of complaint was received by one parent about 'standards' in the class. It also mentioned in reply to the concerned parents, that the teacher has arranged two ed psych consults for two children (so that's my son then, one of the trouble makers?!) and a third child is also being excluded and they are looking for a new school. Well that boy who is about to be expelled is the one who very frequently kicks my son (among others too), and kicked him so hard in the shins yesterday morning that he fell to the ground. My husband saw this and well, wanted to pound the kid, but we both understand that right now the system, and probably everything else is failing that boy and that is sad, although I'm sure things will improve slightly when he's gone.

That said, they just had 'anti-bullying' week, which is a load of bollocks (pardon my language..my husband has infected me with that word!!). Every morning when the kids form their lines to go into school, its the same thing, kicking, pinching, pushing (pulling hair) and no one (or no one who should) sees it. There's very little supervision during play time, other kids have told me this, and although they have 'befrienders' let's face it, it just happens, all the time. So stopping bullying, probably not possible. The school also doesn't want to admit that it has a problem, even with this boy they are planning to exclude, it has all been played down.

Funny, I had a dream last night about flying, just me flying around the earth and my son saying to me that all of this (meaning aspergers, adhd, etc) was like a round the world trip that you didn't want to take.. you didn't plan on it and now you are in so many different places just having to pick up what you need as you go along. But like most travellers, you find it gets easier as you go, and there are always people willing to help and offer advice, and before long you'll be carrying all the essentials you need, around with you in your bag. Hmm.


Tech said...

There is quite a vibrant Home Education community in Hebden Bridge, (and further afield within the area) if you ever considered it as an option.

andrea said...

Just don't forget your towel!

and stop by for a cuppa.

Mary said...

Tech- we did in fact home-ed our son up until he was six (last year when he went into school) and we are considering it again. We were still fairly new in the area then, and did meet occasionally in Halifax with a education otherwise group, but never met anyone from Hebden Bridge. If you have more info you'd care to share then please email me spiritseeker@gmail.com. Cheers.