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20 December 2007

Christmas cookie chaos..

I've been baking on and off since last Saturday, cookies mainly, but also banana bread (forever using up those blackening bananas that the kids refuse to eat). These cookies are for my son's school party today. Husband was complaining that we haven't had any yet, we as in the family, since the last batch I baked were for two friends and their families..

Not all the cookies in the batch went to school today.... well, its my birthday today, so I'll eat if I want to!!!


jen said...

Happy birthday - have a cookie-filled day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mary-

I hope you have (or had, since I'm six hours behind you) a joyous day.

Those cookies look delicious.


Mary said...

Thanks Danielle & Jen! It's been a good day and those cookies are all gone!