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24 June 2008

Another Petition to Downing Street

Here I go again, not usually political on here, but this one came to my email and is equally distressing to me, so what better method to try and raise awareness and get the petition signed, than to post it here and hope that some you will be interested and sign it.

Downing street's probably never seen so much from an American before! Actually, since I'm resident here, I can sign it. I can't vote though. If you're a UK citizen living abroad, you can also sign it.

Its a petition against the latest labour folly of wanting to make vaccinations mandatory for all children (as is the case in the states, and australia, unless you have a medical or religious objection). The thing is here, the government provides child benefit payments to all citizens no matter wealthy or poor, its one of those wonderful social system rights. Now they've decided that if you don't vaccinate, you may not get the benefit either. In my view, it appears to me that slowly but surely the government is trying to dismantle the social benefits system. Again whether you agree with vaccines or not, unless you've done the research on the full implications of it (which I have for my own children) then you can't dictate to another parent. Another argument entirely, but the bigger question for me is, why are they changing these things, when in fact, they don't want certain medications, etc. available on the NHS due to the cost. Are they going to make everyone pay for the vaccines-- like the big business that it is in America?

Well, anyway, check out the petition if you want to make your voice heard. Thanks!

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