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04 June 2008

Back to School, but happy.

It was a fairly quiet week last week while my son was at his grandma's. Since he's been back I have to say he's been doing very well. He seems happy and more calm and even offered to do some chores this weekend for me! Of course his motivation is money, to buy more crazy bones, but still, he was incredibly helpful. He had another visit with the psychiatrist yesterday, a follow-up really, checking on the medicine (atomoxetine- Strattera) that he's taking for the adhd. Not too much is happening with that just yet, as he hasn't been on it quite a month, but at least no side effects.

His calmness and cheerfulness I attribute to being off school and playing playstation 3 for a week. However I also know he is maturing and when we adjust our own behaviour and outlook (i.e. try and focus on positives rather than negatives), he responds in kind. He is truly a happy and gentle child and I really want to nurture that in him. I am planning to meet with his teacher this week about a special group forming for his class, for the slightly more advanced kids, and I am hoping that he will fall into this group as his maths and reading levels are so high.

One topic that has come up with his psychiatrist, and also his grandad suggested as well (grandad works with kids with behavioural difficulites), is that he is not being challenged intellectually and that leads him to being bored. Sometimes he is set a task that is difficult for him (like lots of handwriting), and left alone to it, whereas if given something more to his strengths and left alone to to it, he might not be as disruptive in class. This will all hopefully be addressed once the diagnoses is complete and hopefully the statement in place.

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