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21 June 2008

ENOUGH Interference.

I know I've been slacking a bit here. But carrying on from my post about the fabulous book I've been reading, Enough by John Naish, I'd just like to say to the British Government, ENOUGH INTERERENCE you misguided, out of touch, overpaid bunch of BAST****. Ok, there it is.

Actually I'm just riled up by this tidbit of new legislation (one of many that keep sneaking in by the way, while the general public is lolled into absurdity by reality tv, binge drinking, binge eating, sports, technology-- i.e. think about anything except what the government are doing in your name--for you) about breastfeeding laws and indecency. Thanks to Veronika Robinson for creating this petition, and I've added the link here so you can add your name to it if you feel so inclined; its really easy and every voice can make a difference--indeed it may be the only thing that will. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/breastfedright/

The current British government is introducing an 'Equalities Bill' which of course sounds great, that's what they are good at, sound bites, but what it says really is that a woman has a protected right to breastfeed her baby in public --up to the age of 6 months! After that then a woman can be charged with indecency. Whether or not you agree with breastfeeding, or breastfeeding in public, a woman (and her baby!) should not be denied this fundamental human right. And like Veronika has said, in this culture where there are page 3 girls (topless) in so-called news-papers, on view to anyone and everyone, as well as all the other nudity that is accepted on television here, to villianise the most natural thing for a breast to be doing, is criminial in itself... it shows how backwards, muddled up and distorted the culture really is.

I'm going to take a breath now...

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