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16 July 2008

Disappointed but not surprised

We had a meeting yesterday with a different (not the same one from last November) consultant educational psychologist, just for the parents, and it went very well. She seems to be a very experienced and attuned specialist and next week she will be meeting with my son. The behavioural support worker for the school also gave us her report which she also had to present to the moderating committee for the statuatory statement process. I was very pleased with what she observed and recommended. She seemed to have a good measure of my son and his needs.

However, we've heard back from the council/moderating committee today saying that they have decided not to go ahead with an assessment for a statement of special needs for our son. This is disappointing as it means we will have to appeal, which is just alot more *bollocks* as my husband likes to say. I'm not surprised that one of their reasons was not enough 'evidence' as I said, we are still in the process of having a multi-disciplinary team meet with us and our son. It seems that either the special needs committee moves too slow (as in nothing happening with ed-pysch since November) or at the wrong time, as in push it forward like they did, without considering the processes currently ongoing. Something like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Something like that..

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