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07 September 2008

Back to the grind

Well I'm slacking off I see, but we seemed to have either loaded a virus, or these latest windows updates have completely screwed our computer up, as it didn't quite return to the factory settings, but instead wiped out all our personal files, that's all our documents, photos, music, etc. Norton's is not functioning properly either, and of course when we need it, we can't find the receipt and code that says we updated our subscription only months ago!! Its enough to make me not want to have a computer at all.. or to fruitlessly wish that I was a computer genius.

Anyway, its been back to school this week for my son, and I've managed to send in the Sendist Appeal. We are also one week away from our meeting with the multi-disciplinary team that have been assessing my son for an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I was pleased to hear that the educational psychologist was in to see him this week at school, although I feel she didn't pick the best time as he is still 'fresh' from the holidays. It would have been much better had she come in the last month of school (in July) as she was originally intended to. I can only hope that she will have consulted with my son's teacher from last year who knows him very well, as this year's teacher doesn't of course.

Once the assessment is done, hopefully a diagnosis will result, and evidence that we can then present to the LEA for our appeal for a statuatory assessment.

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