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11 June 2010

A Week of School Changes

The first week of our new head in school and everyone seems to be feeling very positive. It seems that there is an attitude of personal checking, personal reinvigoration. What I mean is that since Ofsted put the boot in, aside from the head losing his job, no one else has, and more than that, its been a wake up call, for staff to take a look at their practices and recommit to become the best they can be. Its a basic psychological effect I would say, that when you are told you are not doing what you should be doing, even if you felt you were, then you make a greater effort to do better, maybe you start reinventing yourself, thinking outside the box. This seems to be the effect of the bad ofsted report and everyone at the school has adopted a positive outlook, that is done, lets move on and up.

One parent told me that the school has been scraping by, from the last two Ofted reports which merely labelled the school as satisfactory. They never achieved Good or Outstanding ratings and had it not beem deemed inadequate this time around, they would have scraped by again, perhaps without gaining that necessary stroke of inspiration. Hopefully the children who have intended to leave have done so, and now the ones that remain, will remain for the duration. It is expected that a turnaround should be apparent within just a few months, and even this week certain policies have been changed and new ones already brought in.

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