We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

02 August 2011


I've been to Liverpool before, many years ago to see all the Beatles things, but I think I must have been on the train at the time because driving there last week was a magical mystery tour for sure. Sat Nav be damned, because it always seems to suggest the wrong direction, and following the directions from google maps also led us to a point, not the point we wanted, but a point nevertheless. So I ended up driving through a bus only area outside some shopping centre and am hoping that no fine appears through my letterbox.

We arrived at our destination an hour after we had planned, destination The World Museum. Once arrived, with kids wound up tight, and myself wound up even tighter, we headed straight for the cafe on the top floor. Bellies filled and some views of the city taken in, we descended the stairs as the elevator was forever in use.

Museum entry is free, and the planetarium show we took in was also free, and highly relaxing, my daughter fell asleep and I nearly did as well, among the stars. It was one of the things I wanted them to see since there are no planetariums nearby here. In the aquarium section there was a presentation and the kids got to touch a starfish and a crab- both alive.

Working our way backwards, or top to bottom, we entered the Eye for Colour exhibit which was filled with some fun exhibits like the Mood Room, where you just sit inside and observe how you feel as the walls & ceiling slowly change colours. I was surprised to find that pink made me feel energetic! Also my daughter built a rainbow and my son camoflaged himself. It was a great exhibit for autistic spectrum kids, with colour, texture, and lights!

My son liked the dinosaurs still, and both seemed pretty fascinated by all the intricate wax models of bugs and such. While walking back to our car an amphibeous vehicle with tourists passed by, and the kids were really excited and wanted to go on one, so maybe next time as there is so much more to explore in Liverpool.

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