We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

03 January 2007

cosmic awareness

The theme of cosmic ordering seems to be popping up in my range of vision alot in the past few weeks, from unlikely sources such as Noel Edmonds (tv presenter in the UK) to Veronika Robinson, editor of the Mother Magazine.

What I didn't know was that a few people have written books on this topic, Stephen Richards I think being the best seller, so I checked out one of the websites. I haven't read the book and I doubt I will buy it, perhaps if I can get it at the library, I'll read it. My impression from the website though, was that you can get anything you want from the cosmos, just ask.. so if you want diamonds, furs, fancy cigars, no problem... sounds a bit trite to me. My understanding of trusting in the universe is about knowing thyself and then putting your true wishes to the universe..not wishing for frivolous unnecessary tat. But then its also a question of karma, and if you've got sufficiently good karma then material things will come to you, but do you want to waste accumulated karma on tat??

I've also come to believe that it is a question of your own vibration. If you are vibrating at a certain level, then you will attract similar vibrations... sort of like if you are sending out love and positivity, you should in turn, attract that. If you are angry, anger is likely to be the response to you. Sometimes we don't get what we want because on a vibrational level we are not ready for it, not a good match.

Anyway, I bring this up as I feel my own vibration has changed in the past few days.. new ideas and plans have come up, although they are not really new, but seem to be presenting themselves differently. I took off my real estate head for two years, but now I seem to have put it back on..but not in the same way. When the time is right, and you are aware of the signs, then you know its right to proceed. My cosmic order to the universe may be filled this year, if the time is right and my personal vibration is a match.

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