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04 January 2007

January celtic astrology

My dear daughter will be one year old this month..I really can't believe how quickly the time has gone, which reminds me that taking time off 'work' isn't a bad thing at all, as this precious time never returns to you.

So here's the celtic astrology for January.
24 December to 20 January is the celtic Birch tree month. The Druids celebrated the Birch tree as a representation of renewal, being the first tree in leaf after winter. Birch people are determined and ambitious, often natural leaders and are not deterred by setbacks.
The Druic animal is The White Stag and the planetary ruler is the Sun.
The stag symbolizes high ideals, Birch people need a goal in life to keep from becoming depressed.

This month also covers 21 January to 17 February, the celtic Rowan Tree month. Rowans were once planted near doors and gates to ward off evil and were believed to guard the entrance to the spirit world. Rowan people are idealistic and progressive thinkers with strong humanitarian and spiritual ideals. They thrive on change, are artistic and original.

The Druic animal is The Dragon and planetary ruler is Uranus. The dragon symbolizes inspiration and imagination. Rowans need an outlet for their intense imagination, otherwise they can become restless and quarrelsome.

Rowan tree ring photo courtesy of undiscoveredscotland.co.uk

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