We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

14 May 2007

Hell, Hull & Halifax...

I've been told that there's a saying here that links hell to hull and halifax, meaning they are not very nice places... However, I quite like Halifax, and although like most areas it has its run down places, it is undergoing a 20 year regeneration plan, with many improvements already completed. And then there's the surrounding views of the pennines and valleys, which are really wonderful. Hull, on the other hand was voted by the people of the land as the worst town to live in, for several years running.

We went to visit the
'crap town' this weekend as that's where my husband
was born, and where his grandmother still lives.
She had not yet met her youngest great-granddaughter, the newest of four great-granchildren. I've been to Hull before and my feeling was that it was rather grim, and does have a very poor feeling. The town centre was rundown with not a whole lot going on. But now, its undergoing regeneration and will be completed by autumn of this year. Even outside the main city centre I noticed new restaurants and shee-shee cafes dotted among the lesser buildings.
Hull was displaced as Britain's worst town this past year and I have no doubt it will only continue to improve. Its situated on the Humber river and estuary leading out to the North Sea, giving it a wonderful marina and easy (although 14 hours) access via ferry to Rotterdam.
The Humber Bridge used to have the claim to the longest single span bridge in the world, and the Humber River's proportions echo the Mississippi. It was a grey rainy day, which didn't lend itself to grand photos or city centre browsing, but I'm sure that this town will have alot more to offer next time we go to visit.
Check out
www.wilberforce2007.com, for some special info on Hull.


Arvind said...

You forgot to mention The Deep

Mary said...

Thank you Arvind! I did not know about the Deep and wish I had as that would have made a great visit.. next time though, thanks for the info.