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09 May 2007

These are a few of my favourite things...

I'm a milk chocolate woman at heart, that's what I grew up knowing, and not just what I'd call the bland chocolate bars of the brand names, but real, solid, high-quality milk chocolate of the chocolatiers. However, in the past few years of living over here, I have discovered the delights of dark chocolate. It's lower in calories, high in anti-oxidant benefits. And then there's raw chocolate. Raw as in uncooked in anyway. Despite the thrilling reviews that can be seen on certain websites about raw chocolate, for me I'd say its still an acquired taste.

Then there's the chocolate bubble bath and face mask and face cream! I'm not a huge chocolate freak (as you may now be thinking), and I actually have limits as to how much I eat, but these new products came into my field of vision and I just had to try them out. The bubble bath is very nice smelling, although once in the bath, it doesn't seem to smell much, but its very silky and leaves your skin really soft and slightly sweet smelling. The dark chocolate mask is one on my wish list, as it comes from America, but is rather costly for my tiny budget.
I'm waiting to receive a raw cacao 'living' moisturizer from
Raw Gaia which is much less expensive than the mask above, and made locally. At first thought, chocolate in cosmetics may seem a bit pointless or gimmicky, but then cocoa butter, a fatty substance obtained from the seeds of the cacao, has been used for centuries in cosmetics and soaps. Yum!

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