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16 July 2007

Hebden Bridge Kids Artfest

This was the last weekend of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and Saturday was the kids artfest. Holme street art centre was the venue for the creative expression, or chaos, however you want to put it.

It was nice to see that in this age of increasingly complicated technology, the kids could be completely enthralled by a very simple stage performance. The performance of Storm in a Teacup done with two guys, a couple of masks and a seagull puppet, combined with music, sounds and of course humour, was very entertaining.

In the centre of the big room was a pile of dirt and plants and pots for the kids to experience a bit of gardening... and there was face painting, all manner of craft making, including tile work, and a wall mural [a piece of you] that was created by everyone attending that day.

It did get a bit stuffy inside though, and thankfully a sunny spell lasted long enough to go for a walk along the canal. My daughter enjoyed seeing the canalboats and watching them manually open the slip.

Next month when my friends (Nikki and Kathie!!) from Chicago come to visit, we may actually get a ride on one of these, which would be great considering I've been here nearly three years and have yet to do it!

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