We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

30 August 2007

Computer takes a day off

Our computer broke down yesterday - after two years without problems I suppose we were due. So a day without a computer, thankfully only a day, only a graphics card and power supply, not a hard drive or motherboard. I profess to being a luddite much of the time, but I do love my computer. There I've said it.

It was strangely quiet without its permeating presence, tucked into its little corner where it can survey the whole of our living room. I was convinced at times that I was hearing its gentle hum- even though it wasn't there, like feeling a phantom limb. And then there were the thoughts and ideas that popped into my head throughout the day, where I wanted to 'check it out online', and oops no- can't do that. The day was a bit more relaxing and peaceful in some way too, and I realise that there isn't really a day where I can abstain from the computer, unless I'm out of the house (or the computer is). The new drug of the nation.

A day without emails, myspace or facebook, so I sat and read, and played with kids, and read. I came across a sardonic article about Facebook and Myspace highlighting the fact that if your birthdate is before 1980 you will feel Really Old. I have joined both now, mainly by invitation from hipper friends (am I really a thirty something, boring, old, sometimes yummy sometimes moldy mother of two???), yet I don't expect to network with people I don't already know. I didn't think I'd find the time for such sites, just like blogging, and yet strangely addictive as these things are, I have pimped out my Myspace page and (gasp) invited other friends to join me on Facebook.

I certainly don't have much free time to waste, but I have to admit to enjoying eavesdropping on others 'walls' or Myspace 'conversations'. Its akin to being in a crowded bar and people watching, except you can sit in your pj's and go to bed when you've had enough. And if you've really had enough, then you can up and delete your profile and just quietly and pointedly disappear!

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