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31 August 2007

Don't you dare get that breast out...

I don't usually write on Friday, but as I was sat here and this little MSN pop-up story caught my attention and my fury about the sheeple in America.. I hope Veronika Robinson will forgive me for using her 'Sheeple' word, I love it, a combination of people and sheep, i.e. those who act like sheep, follow the crowd and do whatever they're told without question.

America, she can't stand up, can't say no... that's from some long-ago song swirling in my head, Throwing Muses I believe.. good ol' America kow-towing to the big business once again..this case in reference to a breast-feeding ad campaign that ran a few years ago, aimed at raising awareness and getting the shockingly low rates of breastfeeding up. The Bush administration (surprise surprise) is being questioned now about allowing such politcal interference (Formula makers lobbying power) in public health issues.

The article here says that these original tv ads were blunt and intended to grab your attention, in order to raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding your baby and the negative health effects of using dead formula milk ( I didn't see them). Of course the formula makers are a powerful industry and hence, lobbyied for a watered down version of the commercials which link ashtma and diabetes as a result of formula consumption and won their case with diluted, nearly pointless ads. I could tirade endlessly on the right to breastfeed and the utter necessity of it, but I'll leave it there for now. I think it was the Buddha himself that suggested we question everything, especially in reference to what he taught, he wanted his followers to question and make sure it rang true for themselves. Don't ever think that the media or the government are there for your benefit. The truth is inside of you.

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