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07 August 2007

MOSI Dr Who part 2

One of the more distinct buildings in the Castlefield area is what we called 'the upside down' building which is Beetham Tower, built in 2006. I think its more in the Deansgate area, but clearly visible for miles and currently the tallest building in Manchester.

The museum itself has been revamped as part of the regeneration of the area. So, once inside the Doctor Who exhibit, a brief history of the recent series is on display along with original BBC costumes. My son, like many I would imagine, loves the Daleks, the Doctor's most hated enemies. So when we turned a corner to view this lifesize talking, moving Dalek, whoops went up all around.
Among the other 'baddies' as my son puts it, is the Cybermen, which once again, although the Doctor is cool, the baddies are way cooler..

I'm glad they didn't forget to include trusty old K-9. One thing the exhibit seemed to be missing was a tardis. I suppose they couldn't use the actual set, but a smaller version for the kids to walk into would have been really cool. There was a tardis phone box, but it was situated within the steam engine section in a different building???

More to follow..

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