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09 September 2007

Village Mayor Making

Last week was rather quiet on the writing front, as the kids went back to school, I somehow have gotten sucked into selling on Ebay (yet another addiction!), and my DD fell (threw herself off) from a chair and sliced her forehead, leaving me a nervous wreck for the next few days.

The weekend was slightly more interesting with drinks flowing in the afternoon and the village closed to traffic and filled with people. It was the annual 'mayor making' festivities in which a new village mayor was selected for the upcoming year. The outgoing mayor ---he's the goodfellas looking guy on the right, and the new mayor celebrated by dressing in the traditional garb, including a large medallion around the neck.
Apparently this is a tradition dating back to the 1800's where the village declared its undying independence from the neighboring 'big' town of Halifax. It is mostly a cermony done in jest, an excuse to have a big party, including duck races, games for the kids and food. The mayor does have some duties however, including representing the village interests when dealing with the local council, and securing things like more playground equipment and funding for the village.

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