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23 November 2007

Buy Nothing Day

This day is probably more appropriate for America and the famous day after Thanksgiving shopping rush, but that doesn't mean it doesn't apply to Britain or any other western materialistic nation. Oh yes we are just as materialistic and commerically oriented here, except that there's not really an 'official' start to the season of spending (hmm, could be worse??)..

This is my favourite time of year, but not for the shopping that's for sure. I tend to hide behind my computer now and order everything to my door. Nearly everything. I enjoy the local markets, especially the advent markets and such that are going on around here at this time. I love hand-made items and also enjoy giving gifts with meaning. I also like to spread the shopping out early, so I rarely if ever am caught in the last minute mess (although I know some people do enjoy that).

This year it seems less complicated for some reason,and the lists are very short. That's ok really, as my son's room is bursting to capacity and my daughter doesn't even have her own room yet. Me, I'm planning a new stovetop coffee pot (the mukka express by bialetti) but haven't bought it yet as its hard for myself or my husband to justify gifts to each other (are we sad???) and then the thought that it might come cheaper on Amazon after Christmas also keeps me from splurging.

So anyway, if you can, then BUY NOTHING today.. and if you have to buy necessities then use cash (that rapidly disappearing form of exchange), and not a credit card.

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