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07 November 2007

Sweet spirits

Honestly, I really don't want to carry on too long in whinging mode, so I am taking steps to lift my mood. One of my new favourites is this Sweet Chili Tea with a hint of chocolate. It has taken me this long in life to realise the tasty combination that chili and chocolate make, but apparently Mexicans and chocolatiers around the world have long known this.

This tea claims to lift the spirits and awaken vitality providing the flavour and aroma of chocolate through the use of cacao shells. Another favourite is the Choco Aztec Spice, also by the Yogi Tea company, which is more chocolately with vanilla and spices, but not chili-spice. I was delighted to find Teaworld online, which provides a great range of teas, many of which I used in America, but can't really find here locally. There was a tea house, Tea Colony in Hebden Bridge that I heard had lots of unusual varieties of tea as well as storytelling sessions, but by the time I actually got round to going, it was turned into a restaurant. Sad, I don't think it lasted long, or perhaps it moved somewhere else? If anyone happens to know then do let me know.

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Roam2Rome said...

What delightful tea! I will definitely be looking for this one, and I hope I can find it! Thanks for the tip :)