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08 December 2007

Frugal Gifts

I love what Melanie over at Bean Sprouts has written about calculating your hourly wage, and buying gifts and other items. This is something I think about often, and particularly as I consider going 'back to work' options. For me then, it is a case of how much of my life energy do I wish to exchange for money, and how much is it worth versus time away from my children?

Running my own business is the direction I'm heading in but that also takes time, a lot of time, and energy so I'm not too sure just yet. I still want to work with my hands and within the holistic healing field, so training is still on the cards, of course that also requires money.. which is in short supply at the moment (for us anyway!). But then there's Facebook.

Wha?? Yes -well since becoming somewhat addicted to it, and discovering one 'application' after another, the Christmas Tree one has been the most fun by far. It allows you to put up your virtual tree, and send (and receive) free gifts to any of your friends, as many gifts as you want..virtual of course. But what fun, as there are so many to choose from, from ipods to wine baskets, to dates with Johnny Depp. They will automatically open on Christmas Day. And aside from paying for my internet access and electricity, well, I don't have to expend my life energy to choose and share some gifts with friends!

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Melanie Rimmer said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the posts. They were supposed to be thought-provoking. The ideas in them certainly gave me a lot to think about when I first encountered them.

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