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11 January 2008

What Next?

It was the 29th of November that we met with the Ed Psych team and today we finally received a letter and summary back. This letter doesn't say a whole lot in my opinion, except that one of the team wil refer my son for further investigation for ADHD. It also mentions that we the parents, should make an appointment with our GP to discuss the tics. Obviously, since we have already done that, they have not been in touch with one another.

Whenever bureaucracy is involved, I expect delays and incompetancies. Since my son stayed home today I will bring this letter in on Monday to his teacher. As I mentioned before though, they seem unwilling to consider Asperger's as a possibility. In fact they mention in the letter that ADHD and tourettes run in the family, when what we said was that Asperger's and tics were in the family.

This little bit from the letter will amuse/dismay those of you who have already commented to me about this issue.. "certain aspects of his behaviour might (their emphasis) be indicative of an autistic spectrum disorder, but his good sense of humour and creativity are not part of an autistic spectrum disorder, so we feel it is appropriate to leave this avenue of investigation for the time being." So it looks as if the ADHD is the major issue, and while I know this can have varying levels of intensity, I really feel that its only a part of the bigger picture, even if I may not know exactly what that is. In any case, we still have to wait now for someone to actually see my son.

*and a thank you to those of you that took part in my informal online shopping poll!

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