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08 January 2008

Life rolls on

Life has settled back into a routine once again, now that school is back in session. Just over a week after my daughter damaged her teeth, she's looking much better and although the damage is bad, it doesn't look quite as bad as it did. The dentist is convinced she'll recover, and if not, the offending teeth can be removed as she gets a bit older. Its interesting how my mind now sees life as 'before and after'. Before she smashed her teeth, and after. The 'before' pictures at Christmas, all big smiles, and knowing that a week after that, it all changed. Its as if some giant shift in the earth happened within our own home, moving us to a place of definite no going back. Alot of people have said 'its just her baby teeth' not to worry, but the incident is more than that for me. For her, well I only hope when she's seven, her teeth come in normally and she won't hate me for life!!!

And yet despite it all, we've relaxed a bit more now and my little girl is still happy, smiling, eating and not showing signs of pain anymore. So life goes on. Its utterly amazing how resilient children are, both in body and mind.

My son wasn't excited about going back to school, but the first day back went without incident, surprisingly well, in fact. During his time at home, his tics seemed to nearly all disappear (supporting my hodgepodge theory that school might actually be the source of the problem..) so we'll see how that changes now that school has resumed.

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andrea said...

As another ticcy person: stress doesn't cause the tics, but it can aggravate them.