We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

26 February 2008

Local Babble

These here are the Mytholmroyd gorillas, the well-known, if not well-liked welcoming figures as you come into town from Hebden Bridge. It appears that one of the gorillas has been stolen, or decided it preferred Sowerby Bridge instead, as that is where it has been located. The funny thing is, these are 6 feet tall and heavy, I would think. Its not easy to stop a vehicle on the main road and hoist them into it, and Sowerby Bridge is fair good walk with a six foot gorilla in tow!!

The figures which are carved out of wood from felled trees from the area, have been in Mytholmroyd since about 2003 I think. Made by a local sculptor with the wood provided by the council. Vandalism seems to be on the rise in the area sadly, with our own nursery being hit by teenagers breaking up the toys left outside. I could get into a very long debate about the nature of the increase in vandals, but its far too depressing. Some folks though, don't want the gorilla to come back! So that's the local babble for now.


jen said...

Was wondering where it had got to! How do you know this? I'm quite sure I saw the missing gorilla lying on its side one morning before it disappeared - I'd assumed it had been knocked down and then taken away for repair..?!

Mary said...

Jen- I was wondering if you knew about it.. I heard from my neighbor who works for the council, he found it in Sowerby Bridge apparently.. so I looked on the Hebden Bridge Web and found out the history of the gorillas!

jen said...

Bizarre. I've taken a photo of the gorilla... will stick it on my blog soon!