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09 March 2008

Obsessed with Saving!

Yes I seem to be getting obsessed with saving, which isn't a bad thing.. but perhaps its the influence of living in penny-pinching Yorkshire! I know many people who get a bit of a high off shopping, and I can't help but feel that most marketeers know this, and that's why the phrase 'retail therapy' was invented. Its not good therapy if it sends you spiralling into debt. Saving and bargain hunting also provides a similar high and as necessity is the mother of invention as they say, it has been more necessary lately for me to tighten the belt. I'm lowering some regular outgoings in hopes of balancing the need to move and pay a higher rent. If I can cut some costs, then those savings will be applied to the rent. Its a necessary evil.

Thus, I have now cut our phone/broadband monthly bill in half, by switching to TalkTalk. That's not an advert for them, but after checking on most of the leading ones available in my area, they were the cheapest and also held the best customer service ranking. In my endeavors I have found this site, MoneySavingExpert which is packed full of tips and well thought out advice. There's a section on where to look for freebies, some of which will be arriving in my post very soon. Also from this site I discovered TopCashBack which is free to join and you can earn discounts in the form of cash back when you shop through this site. I haven't used it yet, but plan to when I have to order my printer ink, as the company I use is on there. That was one pleasant surprise, there are lots of big name companies participating, so its not a time waster. ASDA and Tesco are on there, and there's a list of free things as well. Its all for the UK only though, sorry if you're reading from somewhere else. It pays to search about on the internet as we can all benefit from some savings!!

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Gypsy said...

Oooh, I go through savings kicks too - they never last long enough though. My favourite site is www.simplesavings.com.au - the old newsletters are full of great motivation, regardless of whether you are antipodean or not.