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02 April 2008

World Autism Awareness Day

The UN has declared today, the 2nd April 2008, World Autism Awareness Day which has now become meaningful to me as my son is on the autism spectrum with Asperger's syndrome. My own awareness has grown because of it, and for that I'm grateful. My husband as well, who also has some signs of Asperger's but was never diagnosed, has discovered a new awareness of himself through learning about and watching his son grow. Its a mutual path of growth. I still consider myself a newbie to all this though, and have so much to learn, grasp and understand. We are meeting with the child pyschiatrist in two weeks, to begin the process of statementing. He did say that more questions than answers have been raised after his visit to my son's school, so I'm wondering what that will entail. I have read a couple of wonderful books recently, Born On A Blue Day by Daniel Tammet, which is written by an absolutely amazing man about his own experience of living with Asperger's, and Finding Ben: A Mother's Journey Through the Maze of Asperger's by Barbara LaSalle, which did make me cry.

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Inspiration Alley said...

I'm reading Born on a Blue Day now and agree it is an amazing book. I hope your journey through the statementing process is smooth. However, should you encounter any difficulties, just remember that perserverance is everything and don't give up.

I can totally relate to your post.When my son was diagnosed it gave me a new insight into the difficulties I had faced in life that has really helped me to focus on strategies to cope.