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07 May 2008

Moving Along

Wild Garlic in the village

I feel as if I've been neglecting this blog a bit, as I find I sometimes don't have much to say. I seem to have alot to write about on my other blog, mainly because its one point of focus. We are also fairly broke which means there haven't been many days out, at least none that cost money, so I have nothing to report on that. There's a Big Green weekend happening soon in Hebden Bridge and also our own little village will be hosting an international music festival (which dh has been designing the logo and posters for), so June should be a bit more exciting!

However, things are moving along with my son's aspie/asd diagnosis as the next appointment with a Paediatrician is in the works and he has just seen the psych for his medicine.
We have agreed to a trail run of medication for the hyperactivity portion, but not Ritalin, something similar but more mild as there was some concern that the ritalin would make his tics worse. I've had to acquiesce on the medication side as I really don't agree with it, and I've heard all the arguments about if he had cancer etc, we wouldn't refuse treatment, and this is a medical condition, and yet I see it as not life-threatening and not within the same realm as cancer treatment. The psychiatrist was of the opinion that it might not help at all, and the school has to make accomodations, they have to work with the child, and yet the whole ethos of schools is to fit the square pegs into round holes.
If the medication makes my little guy feel better then I will be happy. If it makes him feel worse or nothing at all, then I will stop it. In any case, we will have to wait about a month for it to start to work.

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