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20 July 2008

Schools Out, Sleeping In!

School is now finished until September, and even though its still the weekend, the calm that has settled on the house is wonderful! Of course its not that there isn't more energy in the house with my son at home all day, but he likes to be outside with his friends, and not having to wake up and follow that routine seems to suit him very well. While most Asperger's and ASD people seem to need and thrive on routine, my son can quite happily leave the school routine behind. He still needs structure and definitely doesn't like quick changes to things, but he's not at all bothered by not waking up, getting dressed and going to school.

His year end report was very good, he's grown by leaps and despite the minor hurdle of being denied assessment for a statuatory statement (which we are appealing in Sept. when the multi-displinary team has seen him and perhaps made an official diagnosis), his teacher said he really improved, works hard and has become more popular at school. Its a funny double-edged sword really, because while he gets on well with the older kids --who were cheering for him during the last sports day, he still struggles with his own peer group. But I think he is learning some of his own limits as well, for instance, when others are becoming more mean and fed up with him, he now has the awareness to leave rather than let it escalate. He's also alot better at defending himself, though in his own characteristic way, goes overboard with! So we have a week of trampolining scheduled, a market stall to sell on, his birthday, my new job starting some time soon, it should all prove very interesting to say the very least.

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