We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

28 November 2006

The magic goes on forever

After a few heavy days the cloud seems to be lifting and we are all feeling more positive once again. I felt really inspired after reading the latest blog entry by Veronika Robinson, editor of The Mother Magazine. She was talking about the magic of manifestation and visualising the future that you want (this is what she tells her children). She is passionate about natural family living, and even though she is not in my immediate community, it is heartening to know that people like her are out there!

I am happy that one of my articles will be appearing in her magazine next year.. within a global (virtual, I suppose) community of like minded folks who trust in the universe to take care of us and provide what we need. I find I sometimes need reminding of this, especially after a weekend like the one I just had.

Its easy to get down when things are not forthcoming, things that you thought were right for you. I also find it hard not having anyone nearby (aside from hubby) that really shares my vision or attitude toward life. Money is certainly important, but it can be challenging to live simply and trust in 'the Tao' when you are surrounded by those who view outward material manifestations of success as more important than living authentically or in the flow. I don't want to be judgemental though, as I really do feel we are all doing the best we can at any given moment. How can we not be? The magic goes on forever is inscribed on a hand-made ring from the Isle of Skye, a place where I found lots of magic many years ago. It dug its way out of a box today to enlighten me!

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