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27 November 2006

Men on the Pill??

From Yahoo News

British scientists are developing a male contraceptive pill which can work in a single dose, it has been claimed. The pill could be taken hours before sex but allow a man's fertility to return to normal, with no-side effects, within hours, the Daily Mail reported.
The new hormone-free pill is being developed at Kings College
London and could be on the market within the next five years, the newspaper claimed. It is the latest development in continuing work to develop a male pill, as well as other methods such as implants and injections for men.

I don't usually include other stuff like this on my blog for some reason, but when I saw this, I was surprised indeed, and needed to comment. I wondered about how they are developing something which appears to be so safe, is hormone free (not damaging as some women's pill options are) and has no side effects??!! I think is brilliant that such a thing should exist for men, the question is, will they take it? But my real question is why can't such a thing be developed for women? I know our bodies/reproductive system is more complicated, considering we grow the baby within us and give birth, but surely there can be a safer development of the pill for us? One that doesn't screw up our hormones, make us gain weight, give us cancer or acne or deep vein thrombosis or any of the other possible side effects??

Of course a male contraceptive like this doesn't cover the risk of STD's. I haven't taken the pill for over 10 years, but did in my early twenties only to encounter disasterous effects on my hormones AFTER going off of it. It took my body many years to recover and even now, I'm not entirely certain it hasn't done permanent damage. But that's just me. I know some women who have been on it for 20 years and have no problems with it. I just can't help thinking though, that men would not tolerate taking something that would have a negative effect on their hormones, and yet women have to? How about something equally safe for us.

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