We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

13 November 2006

"World Kindness Day"

Good thoughts will produce good actions and bad thoughts will produce bad actions. Hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; hatred ceases by love --Buddha

Today marks "World Kindness Day" and the start of World Kindness week. Those of you that are my immediate friends will have received my 'kindness' cards as gesture of love and I hope you will also send some out today, this week, whenever! (
www.actsofkindness.org). Kindness, Pass it On!

Kindness is also linked to peace, a prevailing theme in my life and on this blog, and I came across this website yesterday,
www.peacefultommorrows.com, which was set up by family members of victims of the Sept.11 tragedy. Thier mission statement from the site:

Peaceful Tomorrows is an organization founded by family members of those killed on September 11th who have united to turn our grief into action for peace. By developing and advocating nonviolent options and actions in the pursuit of justice, we hope to break the cycles of violence engendered by war and terrorism. Acknowledging our common experience with all people affected by violence throughout the world, we work to create a safer and more peaceful world for everyone.

I wish I had found this site sooner. Its helpful to know that especially those directly affected by terrorism, don't advocate war, retailiation and anger. American foreign policy may take a different turn now after mid-term elections, but the damage is certainly done. That's why to me it is important to remember little things like a day of kindness, as simple as it may seem, it is the only way really, to make a difference in your daily life, and the lives of those around you.

"Karma is the eternal assertion of human freedom...Our thoughts, our words, and deeds are the threads of the net which we throw around ourselves" --Swami Vivekananda

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