We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Four Quartets

18 January 2007

blowing gales, charlie horses, what next??

Well its blowing a cold gale outside and I am recovering from a charlie horse of massive proportions, with a baby who doesn't nap very much..actually she's one year old and is napping right now, but that's not the point! Its a New Moon tomorrow and I've had writer's block..so there you have it, the rant of the day.

I'm sure I've let some folks down by not writing very recently, and sorry for that, but I have been trying to focus on this business plan thing.

Its been a fairly mild winter thus far and now I suppose we are paying the price..two people have been killed by falling trees in the past 48 hours, maybe that's not alot for a country the size of Britain, but think about the freakishness/seemingly randomness of it. On Tuesday I suffered the worst charlie horse I think since I was a kid..I remember a particularly bad one when I was about 12 playing volleyball, when it kicked in I collapsed.. this recent little earthquake seized my calf and foot, with the epicenter in my arch, while my daughter cried from having fallen over..it was my quick attempt to jump up from a semi-seated cross-legged position to get to her (despite my illusions, I'm no yogini), that apparently sparked it. She then stopped crying to watch me agonize.

Diet aside, apparently these can come from just such silly movements. I'm assuming that was it, since I try really hard to balance my diet..or as I read, it could be the onset of Fibromyalgia... anyway it's taken two days for the entire pain in my leg/foot to ease up, and I've been having these visions of it kicking off again while I'm say, carrying my daughter down the stairs..ugh.. ok, enough of that, enough complaining for one day.

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