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16 March 2007

Red Nose Day

My daughter is tearing apart the kitchen as I write, so happy to bring me the whisk, a tin of chick peas and the box of Chicken Style Bake Mix..

Its Red Nose Day here in Britain, and I'm pretty sure this is a British invention. The red nose is about 'comic relief' a fund-raising event featuring famous comedians/comediennes to help disadvantaged people in Africa and the UK. 60% of the money raised will be donated to help those living in the most grinding poverty in Africa, while 40% of the money raised will be used to help disadvantaged communities in the UK.

The kids had a non-uniform day today and were encouraged to wear as much red and noses as possible. My son has a red nose, but unfortunately it makes his nose hurt! Even if you are not in the the UK you can add your own red nose to your photos (or photos of others!) by going here:

And tommorrow is St. Patrick's Day which was always a big celebration in Chicago, but its had hardly a mention here. Not suprising I suppose. I've been listening to WXRT online today, and it has given me some twinges of homesickness. That's probably why I don't do it very often. But its nice to be away from 30 degree coldness and yet still listen in.

Coming soon:

The Dalek Cam takes to the countryside in search of that perfect shot. Courtesy of my six year old son of course.. so we'll see what develops.

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