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19 November 2007

Nearly Thanksgiving

Well, another Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and once again it won't be anything like the real thing. It would seem, now that I don't live in the US, I miss this holiday most of all. Even though we (or should I say, I --since my husband's family don't acknowledge it at all) remember it, and have a meal, there's no days off work or school, no parade on telly (I know, I complained profusely about this last year), no pumpkin pie and it just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving.

This year however, I did learn that Harvest Festival, which is celebrated here (earlier though) mainly in conjunction with the Church of England it seems, is a similar event, giving thanks for the harvest, and generally sharing similar food. There are a few American Thanksgiving events around the UK, namely the one in Plymouth, but since we are vegetarian there's no point in going. That's the other thing, having a vegetarian Thanksgiving in Chicago was somewhat of a challenge at times, although most friends were happy to share in both the turkey and the veggie roast! And one could also dine out at some vegetarian restaurants or gatherings..but no chance of that here. Not that there aren't vegetarian options here, just not vegetarian Thanksgiving ones.

So I'm contemplating taking my son out of school on the day, to make it feel more like the holiday, and have him help in making a pumpkin pie. But I don't know.. don't know if my husband would take the day off work.. since it doesn't mean much to him either, naturally! Well, I have a few days to think it over.

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