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20 November 2007

NLP in a week

I came across this book in the library and decided to bring it home and have a go. Its Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a week by Mo Shapiro and its basically about changing your patterns of communicating in a week of exercises. This is not entirely new to me as I recall reading something about it during corporate communication (yawn) courses in college, but that was what, 17 years ago (ahem..) .

Its a technique that was developed in the early 1970's based on various patterns used by therapists. My interest is in changing negative beliefs, or restricting beliefs. As an expat I sometimes find a string of repetitive thoughts about 'not fitting in' or being a perpetual outsider. Of course one can feel this anywhere at anytime, but it doesn't mean its true. I am an outsider in many ways, but that doesn't mean I have to allow myself to feel that way 24/7 or limit myself because of it. And since people pick up on your thoughts (subconsciously) then such negative thinking can become self-fulfilling prophesies. So that among other things is what I'm using this book to work on.

Perhaps its not possible to make such changes in one week, but its one week of learning specific techniques to do so.

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