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25 November 2007

NHS says No..

Yesterday my son wasn't too sure about eating his raisin bran. He said it smelled, well, like raisin bran. He had to examine the box and then after I poured the milk on, he decided it smelled ok to eat. I am starting to relax more around his sometimes quirky tendencies and sensitivities to things like smell, and this has made life more peaceful for all of us. Since we suspect he might have Aspergers and/or ADHD these sensitivities now have a context in which to make sense.

We have been waiting for a referral from the NHS (National Health Service) after our GP asked for it on our behalf, and a letter back came stating that we have to go through the school educational psychologist first before any referral to a specialist can be made. This despite the fact that the school suggested we see our doctor for a referral! But my son's teacher has been very helpful (I'm sure she's exasperated as well!) and has made an appointment for us to see said educational psychologist later this week. This is my first foray into specialist care in the UK, and I'm still navigating the school system!

The NHS so far has been a mixed bag for me, where I have had the blessing of two free births, and excellent midwifery care, but also seen one of my husband's friends die due to misdiagnosis of melanoma. My husband has also experienced the 'brush off' from his GP after complaints of aches and things that won't go away. Its the budgeting thing, the need to spend as little money as possible to keep the NHS going. This sometimes results in lack of proper care and attention, whereas in America, it can go the opposite route, you can spend unnecessary amounts of money to no real effect.

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